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About Dauerhaft technologies

Dauerhaft is established as a company producing modern electric motors for all types of sun protection products. The principle of production of modern, reliable and available products is the basis of work of our company. Thanks to many years of experience, our company occupies a leading position in the production and sale of engines for sun protection systems, both in Europe and abroad.

To optimize costs and reduce costs, the company's production facilities were concentrated in the industrial center of China - Guangzhou province. Where the engineering service of the company daily monitors the quality of products, which allows us to provide our partners with a guarantee of 3 years.

The range of our company includes engines for curtain rods and intravenous engines for lifting systems.

A wide range of commodity items

For partners and users, we have developed universal types of electric drives that can satisfy all people's needs. Our light protection systems can be integrated into any system.

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Our Projects

Worthy price and high quality of services for our customers are the basic principles of our organization.

To achieve this goal, Dauerhaft Technologies uses a modern approach to business processes and is guided by international economic experience.

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